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asMODus Genesis Triad RDTA

asMODus Genesis Triad RDTA


  • £4500

The Triad Genesis RDTA by asMODus is their first Genesis styled atomizer and it's impressive build deck is sure to lure any avid builder to it. The Triad Genesis RDTA takes the Velocity style build deck to a new level by evolving into a tri posted version which allows for easy vertical building which will help prevent any spitback to your lips with your typical horizontal type building. The Triad Genesis pairs its three coil system with three well ports which are wicked into to keep juice fed into your build. The Triad is constructed with high quality stainless steel with a gold plated contact pin for an enhancement of conductivity. The high quality PEEK insulator of the Triad can handle temperatures up to 800°F which can withstand the temperatures of any intricate or complex builds that you throw its way.

The Triad RDA features the asMODus developed Triad 3 Point Post Design. The Triad 3 Point Post Design is a very uniquely designed build deck that was made to easily accommodate vertical triple coil builds. The beauty of the Triad 3 Point Post Design is its versatility. While it was crafted to house 3 vertical coils, its posts (and adjustable airflow inlets on the top cap) allow for a limitless building options so you are free to experiment and build just about anything you can think of and with its enlarged post holes it can easily board any intricate builds to its deck.

The Triad Genesis has 3 airflow inlets located on the sides of the deck (one for each coil) which are easily customized to provide the user a truly fine tuned experience. The Triad Geni is topped with a heat resistant Delrin drip tip to minimize any transfer of heat to your mouth.

Juice is fed into the Triad Genesis via its three wicking holes which draw juice directly from the reservoir located under the building deck. The reservoir is enclosed in a clear glass chamber so you can take a look at see if you are due for a top up at any time. Juice is fed into the reservoir from the top of the Triad Genesis via a hand-twistable pin to make filling of this tank a breeze.

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