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  • £2999


  • 100% recyclable
  • 88 x 24 x 9mm
  • Device Only, Pods Not Included

About the QWIN Vape Pod System

Welcome the latest advance in vaping technology, the QWIN Pod system ,QUIN'S flagship vape device is a smash hit with its intelligent motion sensor and stealth mode. This super device has a super long charge and will last you a full day of regular vaping, and with its pass-through charging capabilities, you'll never have to stop vaping. Fill a 1.5ml QWIN Refillable Pod with your favorite nic salt juice and vape smooth MTL hits with a 1.2ohm resistance. The QWIN's streamlined design makes it popular for vapers who want a simple vape kit with powerful and satisfying hits.

The included Micro-USB super-charger will charge your QWIN at 500mAh/hr and its magnetic capabilities mean your QWIN easily snaps into place. Check your battery levels by tapping your QWIN Vape once, and the QWIN will respond by flashing green yellow or red. When your battery is completely depleted of power the LED will flash red to let you know to charge your device. Choose to go into an incognito mode with 3 taps and the LED lights will turn off while your device remains on; a single tap will toggle your LED lights on and off. 

Customize the heat level of your QWIN Device tapping 5 times, then once to cycle through the options. The Default heat is up to 3.6V, the medium is up to 3.8V, and the high heat level goes up to 4.2V of power.  Exiting any of the three modes is as simple as waiting - QWIN will automatically exit for you. 

Completely recyclable, the QWIN is perfect for a former disposables vaper looking for a simple reusable mod in order to reduce their vaping related waste

Experience the state-of-the-art nebulizing technology of the QWIN. Paired with Full-Spectrum CBDi or CBDRx capsules, the QWIN is an optimal delivery system thoughtfully designed for quality living.

Featuring a smart chip and twice the battery life and capsule size, this interactive device is ergonomically designed to be an extension of you. Simply pick a capsule. Click it in. Inhale.


  • Smart Tap Function Interface 
    • Battery life indicator
    • Stealth Mode
    • Three power levels to customize your experience
  • Extra large 500 mAh battery
  • Magnetic Super Charger
  • Auto-fire cut off protection


  • 1 x module
  • 1 x micro-dock super-charger
*Capsule not included
*micro USB not included 

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